Abstract Instructions



The Organising Committee invites delegates to submit abstracts for this conference related to the main themes, or on any other related child health issues.

Before preparing your abstract carefully study the instructions below.
1. The maximum number of words allowed (excluding title, authors and affiliations) is 300.
2. No references should be included.
3. The abstract should follow the sequence: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion.
4. Indicate the title, the author(s) and institution as follows:
A. Title in capital letters
B. Author(s). Underline the name of the presenting person
C. The name and location of the institution
5. Authors should be listed by family name, followed by initials. Do NOT include first names, titles or degrees.
6. Include the email address of the presenting author.
7. Abstracts must be typed in single line spacing using ARIAL font, size 10.
8. Please ensure that all spelling is correct as changes will not be made after submission of your abstract.
9. Please note that all research studies must have had Ethical Approval and this must be indicated on the abstracts when submitted.
10. Sources of funding and declaration of interests should be indicated, if appropriate.
11. The abstract must be e-mailed to the Organising Committee at Shirley.Cherane@wits.ac.za. A email confirming receipt will be sent to the submitting author.
12. You may contact the conference manager, Ms Shirley Cherane, at 011 717 2282 for further information or to confirm receipt of your abstract.
13. Authors will be notified by e-mail by 7 November 2018 whether or not their abstract have been accepted.
14. Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts: Wednesday, 31 October 2018

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