2014 Presentations

Presentations from the 5th Annual Child Health Priorities Conference

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2nd CoMMiC Triannual Report 2009-2011N McKerrow
COPC Tshwane experienceW Rauf
DCST stream of PHC Reengineering – progress to date M Makua
Early Childhood Development screening and early intervention D Grissel
Early Childhood Development – what lies aheadW Slemming
Gaps in the diagnosis and management of Severe TB in children S Schaaf
Gaps in the prevention of TB infection and disease U Hallbauer
Global and regional perspectives in stunting and maternal nutrition C Witten
Infant and Young Child Feeding Policy Change L Spies
Integrated School Health Policy M Shung King
Key Components of Paediatric Emergency Centre B CHEEMA
National Newborn Care Key Findings and Recommendations H Steinberg
Paediatric Triage – The Pelonomi Story M Myburg
Preparing the child for critical transport L Solomon
Progress with MDG countdown in South Africa S Matela
Review of the National MNCWH and N Strategy 2012 – 2016 S Bardwaj and H Saloojee
Right or Privilege – quality health care for all children S Bhardwaj
Screening for Retinitis of Prematurity A vd Byl
Screening for Congenital Heart Diseasee S Brown
Screening Overview N McKerrow
Stunting – what more must we do H Saloojee